Pregnancy Is Not An Illness

Normally Im for crossfit, but this doesnt make any sense to me You may have mastered the squat but need to work on motherhood ..8 months doing an overhead squat really??!!! Clearly she should loose any custody to the fathers child and he be awarded full custody as she is unfit to be a co-parent. This notion that a woman is pregnant and therefore a workout away from hurting her baby is an extremely loaded mindset. Mothers tend to try to protect their children; there is a bit of an instinct for it. To blame any possible hypothetical future complications solely on the mothers actions, based entirely off of a picture, is thoughtless. Pregnancy is not something that makes a woman suddenly become frail or infirm with illness, and if something does happen to her or her child, piling blame on top of her emotional turmoil is cruel. The argument that keeps surfacing in Ellisons defense other than that exercising is healthy and she knows more about her situation than you do is that women have historically always had to work hard, and often very physically, during their pregnancies. There have always been complications in pregnancies as well, yet one does not equate the other. A woman who exercises during pregnancy is not guaranteed a tragedy, nor should she avoid exercise because one is possible.
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Pregnancy center on verge of offering free ultrasounds

Jenny Odom, executive director of the Pregnancy Test and Resource Center, discusses the ultrasound machine that arrived in August. PTRC is expected to begin offering free ultrasounds to clients by January 2014. Daily Mountain Eagle - Jennifer Cohron

Check your health insurance plan. Inadequate insurance should not keep you from getting the treatment that you and your baby need. Make sure your insurance plan covers your health care needs and those of your baby, as well as any problems that may arise. Managing Problems of Pregnancy Regular prenatal exams are important for all women.
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Pregnancy and Lupus

A medical conversion committee was formed in February 2013. Marilyn Byrd was hired as a nurse manager in May, and Dr. Jud Smith committed to being PTRCs medical director in July. Finally, PTRC acquired its first ultrasound machine in August. Odom listed several benefits of becoming a medical pregnancy center.
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