Snoring: When Is It Cause For Concern?

How can I stop my snoring and tooth grinding in my sleep?

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I think I definitely have less of the daytime sleepiness than I used to, said Barker, the mother of a 2-year-old. Im glad I tried that instead of the CPAP. Some snoring solutions I would say 40 percent of the people over the age of 40 snore. I would say 20 percent of (those) have (sleep) apnea, said dentist Keith Stummer, who has offices in Racine and Kenosha counties. And while excess weight is a factor in many snoring and sleep apnea cases, long, skinny-necked string beans can have it, too, he said. Potential solutions he cited include: Weight loss can help, or eliminate snoring for some if youre heavy. Surgery to cut the soft tissue at the back of the palate.
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In addition, monitoring and controlling the stress in your life, and avoiding stimulants, can dramatically improve the problem. If you are snoring and think your sleep may be interrupted, it is probably worth being tested for obstructive sleep apnoea. You can consult an ear, nose and throat specialist for this. It may require an overnight sleep study, which can be performed in a hospital setting or in your home.
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Snoring makes you ugly

Sleep apnoea, which can be hard to treat, has the knock-on effect of loud snoring

In a study of 20 middle-aged apnea patients, they found those who were treated for the condition were judged more attractive in their “after” pictures than in the “before pictures” around two-thirds of the time. The patients’ foreheads were found to be less puffy and their faces less red following treatment. The researchers also perceived, but did not have a way to measure, a reduction in forehead wrinkles after treatment. Using a sensitive “face mapping” technique usually used by surgeons, and a panel of independent appearance raters, the researchers detected changes just a few months after they began using a system called CPAP to help them breathe better during sleep and overcome chronic sleepiness. Related Articles Jurassic Park ruled out dinosaur DNA could not survive in amber 12 Sep 2013 The 22 independent raters used for the study, which is published in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, were asked to look at “before” and “after” photos and rank attractiveness, alertness and youthfulness and to pick which picture they thought showed the patient after sleep apnea treatment. In two thirds of cases, the raters stated that the patients in the post-treatment photos looked more alert, more youthful and more attractive.
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