Kim Kardashian: Fat-shaming Haters Gave Me Weight Loss Motivation

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“The haters helped motivate me,” said Kardashian (via Yahoo Jan. 20). “Seeing every crazy thing written about me gave me motivation, but it’s just my personality to want to be fit, not be lazy.” Kim shed 50 pounds less than six months after giving birth to daughter North (in June 2013) by following the low-carb Atkins and working out almost every day, combining cardio exercise with weight-training. Looking back, Kardashian is proud of her incredible weight-loss transformation, and is determined to continue dieting and exercising to stay healthy.
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Exposure To Mild Cold Could Aid Weight Loss, Study Suggests

Freezing or below-freezing temps might kill off some skeeters (and ticks), thereby <a href=””>protecting you from the illnesses they are known to spread. Cold Weather Brings Greater Appreciation Of Brighter Days Week after week of balmy weather sounds pretty lovely right about now, but there’s evidence to suggest that it doesn’t necessarily make you happy. In fact, some research suggests that if the weather never changes, you start taking that sunshine for granted. Shivering through the cold makes those warm spring days seem even better when they finally come along, according to Psychology Today. Cold Weather Can Reduce Inflammation There’s a reason putting ice on an injury works.
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Citizens of South-East Asia are using this fruit as their food and also as medicine because this fruit provides incredible energy and user feels full in limited food by eating Garcinia Cambogia fruit daily. To enhance properties of this fruit, manufacturers have mixed it with some other healthy ingredients and presented a new and very effective weight loss supplement Garcinia Cambogia Select. Click Here To Visit Garcinia Cambogia Select Official Website Only in America, half of whole population is suffering from obesity problem. This becomes really an irritating issue if some thinks to wear good cloths, but avoids only because of dull body. Even people dont have time to go out in gym and do workout because maximum people are busy in going offices and they eat there junk foods in excessive quantity.
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